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INTRO move in space,
Through the currents of time,
In the direction of your dreams, 
Creating with mind and heart,
As a means of existence and desire,
Hearing the songs of birds,
Being carried by the wings of the wind...



Even  this team of Angels

can save the world

with the help of a  girl

who can turn into a bird

when she wishes ...



Pierrot was happy.

How can only Pierrot be happy.

The happiness of being lonely ...



Sometimes in your dreams it’s so sad,

especially if you are a little boy ...


the Magic Princess can fly with you

high up in the sky

or down deep on the seabed,

she can tell you a story

and then disappear just like that,

because she has so much to do ...



When the fog becomes so thick

that you can run,jump,

walk and scream through it,

waving your hands ...

you sometimes just  want

to sit in the corner for a minute

until the fog clears ...



When Mozart was small,

he was definitely an angel:

he listened to birdsong

and the fascinating melodies of the muses.

He even danced a minuet with his girlfriend

to the enchanting sounds

of their magical flutes.

As an adult,he could only dream

of these distant childhood memories...



The Queen found the strength

to put off all crucial decisions

until tomorrow.

The wise King supported her

in all she did and for the first time

in many years they were able

to run together 

barefoot through the wet grass.



To you I  give a star and a small bell.

The star will light your way to me,

and by the sound of the bell,

I will always be able to find you ...



In her dreams, the Infanta imagined

she was a little girl, which indeed she was.



From up in the clouds you can see

quite well everything that happens below.

To the sound of the cello and birdsong,

life seems delightful and beautiful.



Believing in what is happening

is entertaining,

even if it is not happening to you.



This one was a cutesy and arrogant Mandarin.

He would keep his smile tucked away in a silver bag

and wear it only on public holidays.

But one day all this changed...


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