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Inga Ivashchenko porcelain story


Since 2002-member of the 

Moscow Union of Artists,

member of the Creative

Union of Artists of Russia,

Participant of the 

Experimental Creative 


of  the Russian Academy

of Arts and the Creative Union 

of Artists of Russia.

Since 2018 -member of the

NIADA-National Institute

of American Doll Artists

I made my first porcelain doll back in 1998. My first Pierrot, carved out of plaster, may not have been physically perfect, but it managed to completely reflect my thoughts and feelings. This compelled me to continue creating dolls. The first doll I ever made was in fact several years earlier and was a theatrical doll made for the puppet theatre, where I worked as a set designer and where I gained invaluable experience working with various materials. 

My thesis at graphic design college also focused on dolls and the history of costume. You could say that dolls became my calling card and it was they that introduced me to many an interesting person from the world of architecture and design.

In 2001, I was offered a job as an interior designer for one of the leading architectural offices in Moscow. I worked on the initial sketches of interiors, colour schemes, and fabric and décor selection. Dolls became an exclusive design feature, and sometimes even a focal point of the interior design.

My dolls are made with English porcelain and are created according to a traditional process: a master model, a plaster mould, a porcelain casting, buffing and firing at 1220 ° C (2228 ° F). I do all the stages of production myself. 

There is very little in the way of facial design on my dolls. My goal is to emphasize what appears when  there are lighting changes, at different times of the day or based on the mood of the viewer. Thanks to the simplicity of lines and form, and minimalistic detail on the face and clothing, I am able to convey the emotional state of the character and so my porcelain stories are born…


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